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Our pre-chosen destinations are your playgrounds of luxury


Closest to La Romana’s shores, Catalina is popular for its water sports, particularly diving and snorkeling. Portions of the beach are used for cruise ship excursions, but the entire stretch is open for the public to enjoy. It’s a stunner with its powder-fine white sand, calm waters, and lack of development. Catalina’s waters are abundant in coral reefs and admire the sea creatures.

Catalina Island is a true gem of the Dominican Republic and one of the best destinations for snorkeling and diving. Visiting Catalina Island is like walking through a daydream. A wide array of snorkeling routes take curious visitors to see colorful fish and lively coral reefs, while divers can take the plunge and visit the magical, unique Pared de Catalina, an impressive wall that reaches depths of 330 feet. There, divers can enjoy an incomparable underwater ecosystem with views of coral gardens and tropical fish and plants.



Saona Island’s picture-perfect beaches attract more visitors than all of the country’s national parks combined. A protected site spanning 110km2 (42-square mile) and part of Cotubanamá National Park, Saona is a dream tropical escape, where long stretches of brilliant white sand and their giant coconut trees seem to melt into iridescent turquoise waters. Visitors can take day trips to enjoy the beaches, through a myriad of options ranging from speedboat to catamaran. 

To visit this jewel of the Dominican Caribbean is to enjoy the beach to the full—even before you arrive! This is because many of the excursions destined for Saona make a first stop-off at the Palmilla sandbanks, slender strips of sand that barely rise above the surface of the sea with very shallow areas. You can stop in the middle of the sea and the water will only be waist high—but it will be full of marine life. These wonderful natural pools are to be found just before crossing the narrow Catuano channel that separates the larger island, Hispaniola from Saona, the smaller island.


Rent a boat and lose yourself in Playa Palmilla Beach, a small and isolated paradise to the southeast of the East National Park. It's access is via a boat as there is no access by land. Located very close to Saona Island, it is an idyllic spot surrounded by the East National Park that doesn’t normally have many visitors but is truly worth the visit.

A secluded, undeveloped white sand beach punctuated with rows of palm trees, and facing a wide, shallow turquoise natural pool, Palmilla is the ultimate Caribbean paradise. Part of the Cotubanamá National Park, a stop here is featured on every tour of Saona island. Snorkel, swim, and admire the starfish resting on the sea floor. To reach here, boats can be rented from nearby Bayahíbe or La Romana, or you can hop on a catamaran or speedboat excursion. 


This remote beach doesn’t have any constructions apart from a palms cabin, as it is inside the protected area of the national park. It is a frequent destination for tourists looking for a relaxing beach day sunbathing, swimming, diving or strolling on its white sand.

Its attractive Tropical forest surrounds the beach, providing that image of Tropical paradise all visitors are looking for when they visit Dominican Republic. Moreover, its inaccessibility by land protect this wonderful beach from the arrival of hundreds of visitors, being one of the most quiet spots in the area.

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